Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mormon Standard Time is Not BYU Standard Time

Last Saturday morning, my sister and I ran our fourth 5K of the summer at BYU’s homecoming cougar run. The race was slated to begin at 8:45 am. Now because we’d been to other races and none of them had started on time, (in fact one started 45 minutes late) we figured we would have plenty of time. We still planned to arrive early like we always do but it was a little different this time.
After deciding where to park, it was already 8:35 and we still had to pick up our registration packets, pin on our bib numbers, and take a quick trip to the ladies room. When I was in the ladies room, I heard the loud speaker announcing that the race would begin in 5 minutes.
What! This is a Mormon school, and they are going to start on time? My sister and I dashed out of the bathroom and clear across the field by the stadium and through the gates. We could see the starting line about 300 yards away and started running, but before we could get there, we heard the starting shot. Yikes, it was uphill and we were hurrying with all our might and reached the starting line just shy of a minute into the official race.
We enjoyed the race though and I especially enjoyed that my sister wore her Utah State Aggies shirt to a BYU run and on the back it says, “Bust your A to win!” She got some boo’s and growls from the parade spectators, but it was fun. We both went to Utah State but I was afraid I might get tackled if I yelled, “Go Aggies!”
Anyway, we finished the race and it was a neat experience to take the final lap around the BYU track. My time was 29 minutes 33 seconds which I felt was pretty good in spite of my Mormon Standard Time start. At least it’s something to write about. Have a super day.


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