Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Awesome Space-Age Brother

I want to introduce you all to the smartest person I know, Patrick Jolley. I am attaching a link to Utah State University's home page articles about a huge world-wide competition that he just placed 2nd in.
I am so proud of my brother and even though I definitely don't understand anything about algorithms in space, re-entry temperatures, and rocket propulsion, I know that Patrick kicks butt in the smart department. This isn't the first competition that he has won or placed in either. He graduated from USU with a Master's degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering this past year and is still working with those little moving stars in the sky, except now he's getting paid for it.
Here's a quote from the article:

“Despite what we see in today’s science fiction movies like Star Wars, we can’t just fly around at will in space,” Jolley said.
This is totally something my brother would say and if he was saying it to me, he would shake his head, smile, and say, "Ra-chelle...." and then give me a very lenghty explanation about rocket propulsion and other math-related things that actually launch from the top of my head and end up floating in space somewhere with the rockets and satellites he designs.
I love my bro-sky and am so proud of him, and I also wanted you to see how smart he is and know that I am his sister and yes I share some of his same genes. Therefore if A is related to C and A=B then C is also a derivative of B which is intelligence.
Patrick you rock- not moon rocks but something much better, like the little rocks that fly in the air when your rockets launch and blast off for their missions in space.
If any person is feeling less than highly intelligent after reading the article about my Einstein brother, take heart, I grew up with him and I am blonde and I still cling to the belief that I too am intelligent in my own way.


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