Friday, November 30, 2007


You Are 87% Creative

You are an incredibly creative person. For you, there are no bounds or limits to your creativity.
Your next creation could be something very great... Or at least very cool!

I finally broke down and took one of these tests. I'm pretty creative! Now if I can get a publisher to believe that...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Things I know because I have a toddler (actually two of them)

I will always walk lightly through my house so when my foot comes in contact with a sharp toy I can stop before I stomp Barbie’s crown through my foot.

Fingers are meant to go in noses, as well as smarties, corn, and jelly beans.

My toddlers prefer chewing on Barbie shoes over Doublemint gum

Our living room is a beach, a forest, a mountain, and Sleeping Beauty’s castle at any given moment in imagination.

Walls make great sketch pads.

Every word I say is automatically recorded and replayed through my child’s mouthpiece.

I have excellent balance. I can trip over a child’s shopping cart in the dark and not fall flat on my face.

If I ever need to find my children, I won’t look, instead I will just go to the bathroom and they will immediately gravitate towards the toilet.

I love my children more than I thought it was possible to love. I love them through messy diapers, throw-up, late night sicknesses, all-night sickness. I love their hugs and their kisses. I love the way they call me, “Ma, ma.” I love how all I have to do is look at them in a certain way and they will laugh.
I feel so blessed to be a mother and even though I said I’d never be as emotional as my mom, tears come to my eyes when my sweet girls tell me, “Ma, ma I love you soooo much,” and when I see them mothering their little dolls and singing the bedtime songs I made up for them.
I love my sweet little Gracie and Maggie!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

What Goes Around Comes Around

I grew up in rural Idaho and we had to ride the bus to school. Now it wasn’t too far to the small elementary school in the eensy weensy town of Acequia next to us, but once we had to go into “town” it took a while to get there.
I’m sure all of you have heard the stories of the creepy kids and their bully friends that make trouble on the public school bus. I’d like to share one now.
My little sister is seven years younger than me and we’ve always been good pals. When I was in high school and she was in about second or third grade, a certain boy on the school bus decided that she would be fun to pick on. Now, because I was in high school I was involved in enough extra-curricular activities that I usually didn’t have to ride the bus anymore. My sister, on the other hand, had to put up with the bullying this kid dished out on a daily basis. He was a couple years older than her and thought he was a tough guy. So being as he was so tough, he would punch a little GIRL and kick her etc. He did this in the usual sneaky, bully fashion so that the bus driver was not alerted to the problem.
I still remember his name and what he looked like. Of course I remember, because I decided to take matters into my own hands.
One day out of the ordinary, I boarded the big yellow school bus and walked casually to the back. I sat down and watched as my sister took a seat next to one of her friends and the bully immediately moved up behind her and started taunting her. We had a short ride to our home, but he wasn’t wasting any chances to bully her.
While the bus was in transit, I stood up and walked over to his seat. I shoved the little sucker against the wall and yelled at him at the top of my lungs. I told him if he ever touched my sister again I would beat the crap out of him. I think he believed me, wouldn’t you? He never bothered her again, in fact when they were in high school he told my sister how scared he was of me after that.
And that is the legend of the bus ride and how years later, my sister remembered what it meant when someone stood up for her.
She told me about that as she related her story.
She went running the other day when she got off work early. On one of the streets, she noticed some kids getting off the school bus and a bully pushing another kid. As she neared the kids walking home, she noticed the kid try to defend himself against the bully. The bully was just about to smash this kid into the ground, when my sister yelled “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”
Of course the bully suddenly got the dumb, innocent look and said, “What?” But she put him in his place and told him to leave the other kid alone because she had witnessed everything.
When she told me this story, we laughed again when I brought up the time I had done something similar for her.
The moral of the story: If you’re a bully, you better watch out for me and my sister. Really though, what goes around comes around.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Eclipse Ramblings

At the risk of being made fun of by my husband, I am going to post about the torturous state of my heart right now because I just finished reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer.
*Beware* There may be some plot spoilers here.
Last night, I finished reading the 629 page book and I actually had to just sit there for a few minutes and feel sorrow and longing for Jacob. I know that some people have said the plot lines aren’t that strong in these books, and sometimes Bella is a little annoying but I can’t argue with how powerfully Meyer's draws you into the book. While I’m reading, I am experiencing it at the same time.
I remember when I first heard about Twilight, I had no idea what it was about. Because of all the rave reviews, I bought it and read it. I loved it! I told my sister to read it and when she asked why it was so good, I said, “I don’t know what it is exactly. It is just so good. You have to read it.” So she did read it and ended up reading the other two before I did. I never have liked sappy romantic novels, but this one has such a powerful mix, that you almost don’t realize how romantic it is.

After reading Eclipse, I will admit that I am a Jacob-lover, as my little sister calls it. Actually I felt pretty strongly about him after New Moon too. Before I had read New Moon, my sister mentioned something about really liking Jacob and I was so enamored with Edward at that point, I forgot that Jacob even existed. Perhaps that’s Bella’s problem too. But now after experiencing Jacob in the last two books, I’ll admit I prefer werewolves over vampires. Maybe it’s because I don’t like to be cold.
I think the real reason is that I don’t want Bella to give up her whole life and all the opportunities. If Edward really loved her, would he truly want her to miss out on having children? I know he doesn’t really want her to become a vampire, but I wish he could do something to stop her. She’s so young, she hasn’t experienced anything yet! And yet, in the same breath, I really like Edward too. He is such a good person and feels so strongly for Bella that I hate to see him disappointed. Edward didn’t get to choose his life, but he’s doing the best with his circumstances that he can. It just goes to show how well Meyer's has manipulated my feelings because after Twilight, I was sure that it would be a good thing for Bella to become a vampire and be with Edward forever.
I don’t know if anyone else felt this much turmoil while reading the book, but I’d love to commiserate with you if you did.
I sure hope that Meyer's next book will leave me more satisfied. Now I’m going to have to get my hands on something else to read to keep my mind off of Jacob the werewolf.

So I would like to pose a question, sorry guys, this one’s for the girls: If you were single, which I’m not, but if you were, and Edward and Jacob came to your door and offered to give you a passionate kiss, who would you choose?
My answer: Definitely Jacob.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blog Feature

I wanted to let you all know that Anne Bradshaw is featuring me and my Story Time Felts business on her blog right now. I was so happy when she contacted me about our felt products. She has a very nice blog with some other Christmas ideas to check out as well. Anne also contributes to another blog for Family Home Evening ideas.
The blogging world is fun. I'm really enjoying all the new friends I'm meeting. Send your friends over and stay tuned, because I have some fun things coming up.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Story Time Felts Free Story Offer

Check out my sidebar to see how you can get the free felt figures to tell the story/song of "Once There Was a Snowman."
Last month was a busy one. I beat my personal best record with my Story Time Felts business selling over $3100 in felt products in October! Now you know how my husband and I got to go to that NFL game, right?
I hope you'll sneak a peek at what we have to offer. I have the listing of our brand new LDS Deluxe Scripture Collection on my sidebar, check it out! I included a picture of the Story of Alma here. I just love Story Time Felts! My kids love it and I can't say enough good about it either. I'm really excited because right now I'm working on writing up stories for next year that will be illustrated and printed on felt. You'll have to wait and see more details about that project though, it's top secret!

I'm Singing About the Vocalize Workshop

Whew! I am finally breathing again (and posting again) because the Vocalize workshop I put on with Craig Hancock, see details from a couple posts ago, went really well and was a ton of fun. We had 18 students and WOW! Did we give them a lot of information! I was nervous about so much info and how they would receive it, but they were excited to be there and very receptive. There was a lot of impressive talent and eager learners. It was fun to see the different ages and how they reacted to our rhythm classes and how quickly they picked up on new vocal concepts. Our students ranged in age from 8-18 years old.
At the end of the workshop, we recorded all the students singing The Little Drummer Boy and they did a magnificent job. Craig Hancock had written the original arrangement and the kids really liked singing along to an old song with a little new pizzazz.
I gave each student a mini-private voice lesson to prepare them for their recording time with a solo piece they had chosen. They were all so excited to wear headphones and record in a real studio. It was an experience they won’t soon forget.
We’re hoping to put on another Vocalize next spring and maybe even sponsor a music composition contest. Most of the students were interested in composing and many of them had written their own songs already. During our workshop, we taught them the basics of composing and helped them write a song on the spot. It was a blast! We had some pretty funny lyrics.
I’ll keep you posted as to what’s coming in the musical area of my life. I’m hoping to post one of my original songs that Craig helped me arrange. He’s re-mastering it with his new system right now. If any of you are interested in recording something as a gift for the holidays, go to to contact Craig Hancock.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

New Green Bay Packers Fan

Last week I accompanied my husband to Denver, Colorado where he realized one of his lifelong dreams. We went to the Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos NFL game. My husband was in seventh heaven the entire time and even though I’m not a huge fan of football, I have to admit it was an exciting game! I cheered and screamed along with all the other fans and there were a ton of Green Bay fans even though we were in Denver. I joined in when the Packer fans yelled, “Go Pack Go!” and was thrilled to see Brett Favre throw a huge touchdown pass to win the game in overtime.
Although, I’ve never seen so much beer in my life, it was great to be a part of that crowd and experience what my husband loves so much. I was worried about how the whole experience would be because I’ve never been one who loves to sit still and we were at the stadium from about 5pm-10pm. But once the game got going, I couldn’t resist the excitement in the air and since I’m married to a huge football fan I knew what a face mask penalty was and I could ‘Boo’ about the lost 15 yards right along with all the other Green Bay fans. I really can say I enjoyed myself and especially enjoyed seeing my husband have such a great time.
Some of you may wonder why I would even want to go to a NFL football game if I don’t love football. I didn’t want to miss out on being part of my husband’s dream.
I thought about my experience and how much I love writing and reading. My husband is not a huge fan of reading, but he reads my writing and gives me his opinions. If I tell him about an amazing book, he’ll often pick it up and read it, (okay only maybe every 20th book or so). He has supported me and helped me find time to write because he wants me to achieve my dream of publishing my first novel.
I wanted to write this little post to let my husband know how much I love him and that I really did enjoy Monday night football with him. I’m glad that we all have different talents and desires and that we’re able to support each other in those ventures. I think it’s important to recognize our different interests, especially in marriage, because it makes life fuller and more enjoyable.
Thanks Steve for being my greatest fan and converting me to a true Green Bay Packers fan! Go Packers!


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