Thursday, November 15, 2007

Eclipse Ramblings

At the risk of being made fun of by my husband, I am going to post about the torturous state of my heart right now because I just finished reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer.
*Beware* There may be some plot spoilers here.
Last night, I finished reading the 629 page book and I actually had to just sit there for a few minutes and feel sorrow and longing for Jacob. I know that some people have said the plot lines aren’t that strong in these books, and sometimes Bella is a little annoying but I can’t argue with how powerfully Meyer's draws you into the book. While I’m reading, I am experiencing it at the same time.
I remember when I first heard about Twilight, I had no idea what it was about. Because of all the rave reviews, I bought it and read it. I loved it! I told my sister to read it and when she asked why it was so good, I said, “I don’t know what it is exactly. It is just so good. You have to read it.” So she did read it and ended up reading the other two before I did. I never have liked sappy romantic novels, but this one has such a powerful mix, that you almost don’t realize how romantic it is.

After reading Eclipse, I will admit that I am a Jacob-lover, as my little sister calls it. Actually I felt pretty strongly about him after New Moon too. Before I had read New Moon, my sister mentioned something about really liking Jacob and I was so enamored with Edward at that point, I forgot that Jacob even existed. Perhaps that’s Bella’s problem too. But now after experiencing Jacob in the last two books, I’ll admit I prefer werewolves over vampires. Maybe it’s because I don’t like to be cold.
I think the real reason is that I don’t want Bella to give up her whole life and all the opportunities. If Edward really loved her, would he truly want her to miss out on having children? I know he doesn’t really want her to become a vampire, but I wish he could do something to stop her. She’s so young, she hasn’t experienced anything yet! And yet, in the same breath, I really like Edward too. He is such a good person and feels so strongly for Bella that I hate to see him disappointed. Edward didn’t get to choose his life, but he’s doing the best with his circumstances that he can. It just goes to show how well Meyer's has manipulated my feelings because after Twilight, I was sure that it would be a good thing for Bella to become a vampire and be with Edward forever.
I don’t know if anyone else felt this much turmoil while reading the book, but I’d love to commiserate with you if you did.
I sure hope that Meyer's next book will leave me more satisfied. Now I’m going to have to get my hands on something else to read to keep my mind off of Jacob the werewolf.

So I would like to pose a question, sorry guys, this one’s for the girls: If you were single, which I’m not, but if you were, and Edward and Jacob came to your door and offered to give you a passionate kiss, who would you choose?
My answer: Definitely Jacob.


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