Monday, November 26, 2007

Things I know because I have a toddler (actually two of them)

I will always walk lightly through my house so when my foot comes in contact with a sharp toy I can stop before I stomp Barbie’s crown through my foot.

Fingers are meant to go in noses, as well as smarties, corn, and jelly beans.

My toddlers prefer chewing on Barbie shoes over Doublemint gum

Our living room is a beach, a forest, a mountain, and Sleeping Beauty’s castle at any given moment in imagination.

Walls make great sketch pads.

Every word I say is automatically recorded and replayed through my child’s mouthpiece.

I have excellent balance. I can trip over a child’s shopping cart in the dark and not fall flat on my face.

If I ever need to find my children, I won’t look, instead I will just go to the bathroom and they will immediately gravitate towards the toilet.

I love my children more than I thought it was possible to love. I love them through messy diapers, throw-up, late night sicknesses, all-night sickness. I love their hugs and their kisses. I love the way they call me, “Ma, ma.” I love how all I have to do is look at them in a certain way and they will laugh.
I feel so blessed to be a mother and even though I said I’d never be as emotional as my mom, tears come to my eyes when my sweet girls tell me, “Ma, ma I love you soooo much,” and when I see them mothering their little dolls and singing the bedtime songs I made up for them.
I love my sweet little Gracie and Maggie!


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