Saturday, November 17, 2007

What Goes Around Comes Around

I grew up in rural Idaho and we had to ride the bus to school. Now it wasn’t too far to the small elementary school in the eensy weensy town of Acequia next to us, but once we had to go into “town” it took a while to get there.
I’m sure all of you have heard the stories of the creepy kids and their bully friends that make trouble on the public school bus. I’d like to share one now.
My little sister is seven years younger than me and we’ve always been good pals. When I was in high school and she was in about second or third grade, a certain boy on the school bus decided that she would be fun to pick on. Now, because I was in high school I was involved in enough extra-curricular activities that I usually didn’t have to ride the bus anymore. My sister, on the other hand, had to put up with the bullying this kid dished out on a daily basis. He was a couple years older than her and thought he was a tough guy. So being as he was so tough, he would punch a little GIRL and kick her etc. He did this in the usual sneaky, bully fashion so that the bus driver was not alerted to the problem.
I still remember his name and what he looked like. Of course I remember, because I decided to take matters into my own hands.
One day out of the ordinary, I boarded the big yellow school bus and walked casually to the back. I sat down and watched as my sister took a seat next to one of her friends and the bully immediately moved up behind her and started taunting her. We had a short ride to our home, but he wasn’t wasting any chances to bully her.
While the bus was in transit, I stood up and walked over to his seat. I shoved the little sucker against the wall and yelled at him at the top of my lungs. I told him if he ever touched my sister again I would beat the crap out of him. I think he believed me, wouldn’t you? He never bothered her again, in fact when they were in high school he told my sister how scared he was of me after that.
And that is the legend of the bus ride and how years later, my sister remembered what it meant when someone stood up for her.
She told me about that as she related her story.
She went running the other day when she got off work early. On one of the streets, she noticed some kids getting off the school bus and a bully pushing another kid. As she neared the kids walking home, she noticed the kid try to defend himself against the bully. The bully was just about to smash this kid into the ground, when my sister yelled “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”
Of course the bully suddenly got the dumb, innocent look and said, “What?” But she put him in his place and told him to leave the other kid alone because she had witnessed everything.
When she told me this story, we laughed again when I brought up the time I had done something similar for her.
The moral of the story: If you’re a bully, you better watch out for me and my sister. Really though, what goes around comes around.


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