Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

I hope that all of you have a wonderful Christmas Eve and a beautiful Christmas! I love this time of year for the beautiful music.
I tend to get a little homesick for the Christmases of my childhood this time of year too. This picture is one my mom took of our corral out past the pastures by our house. Isn't it beautiful?
One of my family's Christmas traditions was to host a little program on Christmas Eve at our home. We usually invited Grandma and some other neighbors or widowers. It is one of my favorite memories. Many times we would read through the Christmas story and incorporate songs to go with each section of the story.
My family is pretty musical, on a typical Christmas Eve you would hear all kinds of singing, violin solos, trombone solos, piano solos, and more. I enjoy singing and so I loved to sing songs like "Silent Night" or "Breath of Heaven." I loved when we would all feel the Spirit so strongly and I could look and see my dad wiping his eyes or tears rolling down my mom's cheeks.
I'm far away from that time it seems now, but I am enjoying the day when my own family will be able to carry on the tradition. Right now we sing "Once There Was a Snowman" and "Jingle Bells" and then we run around the room and laugh. I'm so grateful that I have had so many wonderful Christmas memories in my lifetime and that they continue on with my sweet little girls and my loving husband.
Merry Christmas everyone!


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