Saturday, December 1, 2007

Here's a Great Book to add to your list

I would like to recommend a wonderful book that I have been reading this past week. It is called Please, No Zits! Written by Anne Bradshaw.
I think that everyone should try to get their hands on this book! This book would be great if you are a teenager, have teenagers, work with teenagers, are related to teenagers… you get my point.
Anne has put together a great collection of stories, very well written with some great examples of what teenagers deal with on an almost daily basis. I love her descriptive imagery. In her stories she weaves in just the right amount of details so that I felt I was there, even if it was halfway across the world in Scotland! So many of the scenarios brought back memories of my own teenage experiences and I couldn’t believe how right-on Anne was with her stories.
Add this book to your Christmas list and pick up a few for gifts. Thanks Anne, for a marvelous look into the teenage world.
Here are a few reviews for the book and other info:

Please, No Zits! is a collection of fast moving short stories set in America, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. It is a fun read that motivates without preaching. The stories are also recommended for Family Home Evening discussions. More information and full reviews can be found at Anne’s website, and her Blog.

"Think Chicken Soup-meets-John Bytheway and you get Please,No Zits! & Other Short Stories for LDS Youth."
LDS Review

Please, No Zits! will be enjoyed by young people anxious for a good story, and by parents who will find themselves reading these stories to their children. I can envision some interesting conversations, opportunities for young people and their parents to discuss the things that really matter — those things that will last into eternity. Parents and children do need to talk with each other more often, and these stories can be an exciting way to engage your children in ways that will stay with them forever.--Jeff Needle--Association for Mormon Letters

Please, No Zits! is now in many stores such as Deseret Book and BYU Bookstore. It is also available at Latter-day, and on

LDS Review


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