Sunday, December 16, 2007

Vote For the Best Christmas Story

Run on over to LDS Publisher’s blog and check out her Christmas story contest. I have two entries posted, but I can’t tell you which ones they are until the voting is over. That’s what makes this contest so much fun. All entries are posted anonymously and then there is a reader’s choice and a publisher’s choice winner.
There are two categories, published author and unpublished author. If you scroll down to my publishing credits, you might figure out which category I am in.
I hope you like the stories and of course I hope you enjoy mine enough to vote for them, even though you won’t know which ones I have written. I really had a lot of fun writing the stories and it helped get me into the Christmas spirit even more.
Hurry and read some neat Christmas stories and vote and then check back here for results. Vote for the story that captured your interest and touched your heart, one that was well written and full of the feelings of Christmastime.
Be sure to visit and vote between December 16th and midnight December 19th. The votes will be tallied after that and winners announced. You may vote twice in each category and you can vote either anonymously or by using your name or Google ID. Make sure you are clear when voting. You can make any comments pertaining to the story, but you must say I am voting for this one, if that’s the story you’re choosing.
Merry Christmas!


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