Monday, January 7, 2008

BIAM Challenge

I’m taking part in Tristi Pinkston’s book in a month challenge! I’m excited because I love to start off January really working hard on my goals. I’ve already written up a page of writing goals and I’m excited about the progress I’m going to make this year.
For my book in a month, my goals will be a little different than some of the other writers in the challenge. Instead of focusing on word count, I will be focusing on finishing my nonfiction book. I have been working on this book for what feels like FOREVER, but really it’s only been about a year!
My nonfiction book is on miscarriages and how LDS women can cope with this experience. I’ve felt very strongly about writing this book and completed a ton of leg work by researching, sending out surveys, reading tons of other books, and more. I am so close to finishing the first full draft that I can taste it and so I’m entering the BIAM challenge to keep my fingers moving and get it finished and start submitting my first three chapters to publishers.
Wish me luck! I’ll need it because this is a very specific book so I've got to work hard to convince a publisher that it is needed.


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