Friday, January 11, 2008

Feeding the Birds

I took a picture this morning of one of our 3 bird feeders. I started feeding the birds last summer when there were some tiny baby finches born in our neighbor's tree. It was so fun to watch them during the summer. I have continued to feed them and been amazed that they have hung around through the winter.

About a month ago, I ran out of bird feed and couldn't find any--Finches like thistle seed. Finally, this week I found some and I was so excited!
My family and I watched as the black-capped chickadees came quickly to eat and I hoped that the finches would return. Yesterday I looked out and saw their tiny yellow bellies and I was so excited! I clapped my hands and squealed to my daughters, "Our birds are back!" Gracie looked out the window and said, "Okay mom, you don't have to be so excited." She is four, what am I going to do when she's ten?

Our kitchen/dining area is situated so we can look out our sliding patio door onto the back yard and we like to watch the birds while we're eating. I like to watch them while I'm in the kitchen making cooking messes and then my husband can watch them while he does the dishes for me. Did I mention that I love my husband?

Anyway, the next few pictures are of our clever little kitten.

Patches climbs up into the tree on a regular basis and tries to catch the birds. Don't worry bird-lovers, she hasn't caught any yet!

It is so hilarious to watch her and our other cat try to hunt the birds. Our other cat is a tomcat and he's way to fat to climb around on skinny apple tree branches, so he tries to maneuver through the snow and pounce.

I bought my parents a mesh bird-feeding bag and then my dad built a little tray feeder and they enjoy feeding the birds too. My dad calls it the welfare farm and since their "farm" cats are more adept at hunting some of their birds have fallen to the crafty felines. When my dad told me that and I said, "Oh dear!" He said that's the price they pay for free food.

So if you've ever thought about bird-watching or feeding the birds, I encourage you to try it. For only about thirty dollars, you can pick up two different kinds of feeders and a big bag of seed. We have several varieties and I'm not an expert but I can identify a few of them. Yellow-bellied finches, black-capped chickadees, woodpeckers, and if I had better retention from my bird-watching/discovering nature course I took in college I could tell you the rest of them.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, it's fun to have something to brighten up the dreary winter scene!


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