Friday, January 4, 2008

It's Cleaning Time!

Ahem, Ahem. I am clearing my throat and rejoining the land of the living. My girls and I have had the most awful cold bug that has been going around. My husband somehow escaped its nasty clutches and has had to listen to us all cough our lungs out for the last few weeks (we’ve been taking turns you see). So I am sick and tired of coughing and decided that today we were all going to be better and clean the bugs out of the house.

I decided I needed to disinfect every surface in our home and started in the bathroom. My four year old, Gracie, helped me for a little while to disinfect door knobs. She had a rag and a bottle of lemon spray and wiped several door knobs before she was distracted by her dollies and began playing house. I didn’t mind this because then she kept her two year old sister, Maggie, entertained as they both played dolls together.

Of course when I moved on to the next bathroom and noticed that they had pulled blankets into my closet with their dolls to play, I thought—How cute! And then I saw that they had pulled all of my husband’s ties off his tie rack into a big pile on the floor.

After I finished the second bathroom it was time for the hobbit’s second breakfast, so I whipped up some Spaghetti-O’s and Maggie had to have her standard yogurt too. They were happily eating so I headed downstairs for the third bathroom.

I’m grateful for good hearing and a sense of interpretation so when a few minutes later I heard a kerplop and Gracie saying, “Oh no, Mom! Look what Maggie did.” I knew that either the yogurt or Spaghetti-O’s were splattered across the kitchen floor. I grabbed an extra rag because I knew that these substances both have the same splatter/projectile rating and headed back upstairs.

Not only had the yogurt splattered on the floor but it had also made a wonderful pattern up the wall and the patio door as well. While I finished cleaning up that mess, Maggie very nicely dumped out the totes of toys in her room.

After I finished with the bathrooms I had the task of changing all the bedding. By the time I got the stupid crib sheets changed I was sweating. Why does the smallest bed have to be the hardest to make? Do you know what a pain it is to move those bumper pads back and forth and shove that little mattress in and out of the crib?

Well, the beds got made just in time for my children to pull all the cushions off the couches and create some imaginary island walkway. I’m glad they are having fun and it’s almost nap time, for one of them at least.

Anyway, my house is somewhat cleaner if you don’t count all the messes that were being made while I was cleaning…

I used to own a cleaning business where I cleaned seven houses every week and also cleaned hundreds of apartments with a crew after the college students moved out. If that’s not enough experience, I grew up with the “white-glove test” mother of all cleaning so I know what clean is. But I’ve come to terms with the fact that my ideas of cleaning are very different from my two and four year old’s ideas.
Look me up in ten years Martha Stewart.


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