Thursday, January 17, 2008

My New Story

I am very excited to announce the first story of a set of 12 that I am writing for Story Time Felts! I'm thrilled about this project and I even was able to have a hand in choosing the illustrators! They are darling and I hope you like them. Each story will be printed and include some kind of learning extensions for the story. For January a goal sheet will be included. The figures are printed on our beautiful felt so that children can interact with the story.
Here's a little blurb about the January story.

2008 Hostess Exclusives!
This year we have original stories and artwork centered around a different value each month. Your children will love the adventures that our little creatures go on and what they will learn. The stories are written by Rachelle Christensen and the illustrations are by Jenni and Heber Sheffield.
Here is a preview of January’s story

Ant’s Happy New Year
By Rachelle J. Christensen
Ant was bored and getting tired of being in his small room at the end of the tunnel. He crawled out to the main tunnel and found his mom.
“Now that Christmas is over there’s nothing to do. It’s just winter. Nothing happens in January,” said Ant.
“That’s not true!” Mother Ant said. “Don’t you know that January is one of the year’s most important months?”
“Why? There’s nothing special about January.”
Mother Ant looked at him and smiled. “But there is—January is the start of the New Year.
“Why does that make it special?”
“Because we set goals in January.”
“What are goals?” asked Ant.
“A goal is something you are trying to achieve or do.” Mother Ant said. “You could have a goal to keep your room clean for an entire week. We can make a chart. Each day we can mark off if you keep your room clean on the chart. At the end of the week, if you marked off every space, you achieved your goal.”
“That doesn’t sound so special,” Ant said....

That's all you get to see right now. Let me know if you're interested in hearing the rest of the story.
I'm really enjoying this and already have February's story off and March's will soon be on its way!
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