Saturday, January 26, 2008

This is why mother says to pick up your toys!

I am a slow typist today and a little sad about it because I was hoping to get caught up on some projects.
Yesterday I went downstairs to get a bottle of applesauce and when I came back upstairs I stepped on a miniature My Little Pony. I think those things really are magical. I didn’t even see it. It must’ve jumped right under my foot! I had my tennis shoes on and so it really sent me off kilter. I went flying forward and tried to catch myself without breaking the bottle of applesauce but my momentum was too great. I ran into the chair, the wall, and landed on the extremely hard, unyielding tile floor. PAIN! My right thumb felt like it had been pulled off and my knee was throbbing, not to mention the rest of my body. But I didn’t break the bottle of applesauce, (which actually still hit the floor kind of hard.)
It’s been a long time since I’ve been hurt bad enough to cry, but I did and my four-year old was pretty worried to see her mommy crying. She didn’t know what to do for sure. On my way through my tremendous fall, I had also kicked a garbage can over which I was planning on taking downstairs later. Gracie looked at me and said, “Well you should’ve put the garbage can away.”
I think I can almost laugh about that now, but since it was her pony I tripped over and was in great pain because of her toy, it didn’t go over real well at the time. After I calmed down, we had a little talk about what you should do when someone gets hurt. Even if you’re scared you should check on them and say, “Are you okay?”
I am okay. I iced my thumb and my knee. I have a big bruise on my knee and I had to eat left handed and it doesn’t really feel good to type, but I’m a writer so I needed to vent a little at this whole situation which has delayed my writing projects.
So if it would have been you, would you have just dropped the applesauce and caught yourself? One thing’s for certain, I’ll never look at a My Little Pony the same way.


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