Monday, February 11, 2008


I am back from my cruise! Time to get back to work. Yes, lucky me and my husband were able to go on an all-expense paid Royal Caribbean cruise for 4 nights. I earned the cruise as a free incentive for working my Story Time Felts business.
It was so much fun! We went to San Diego, Catalina Island, and Ensenada Mexico. There were all kinds of things to do at each port and of course we loved the warmer weather. I think Catalina Island was probably my favorite port. The island is so cute and quaint and I loved that most everyone drove golf carts! The picture above is on Catalina.
Of course on the cruise ship there was food, food, and more food, and did I mention there was a lot of food? I got to try all kinds of interesting dishes and if I didn’t like them I just ordered something else and it didn’t cost me a dime. It took a little getting used to when the ship took off each night for the next port, but after a few days we adjusted. Now that I am back, I have to re-adjust now because I sometimes feel like “the boat is still moving” and also this cold weather and snow everywhere was quite a contrast from the cruise.
While we were on the cruise Story Time Felts announced what next year’s incentive will be and I am so excited! I can’t tell yet until they reveal it to the whole company but I’ll post about it later. I’m going to try to earn it for my whole family!
Here's a picture of me by La Bufadora in Ensenada. It means "The Blowhole" and there's a neat crevice that the ocean sprays up through, sometimes over 70 feet high.

We had a lot of fun bartering with the local Mexicans there and we bought some cute dresses for our girls. They were pretty excited to wear their "Mexico Dresses" to church on Sunday.

Once we bought one thing then they were all shouting at us, saying things like, "My turn!" and because Steve had his Green Bay Packers hat on they kept saying, "Hey Green Bay, I have a poncho for you, come over here and see this hat."
It was pretty funny and quite the experience. I used a tiny bit of my rusty spanish to find a few little items, too bad I wasn't fluent or I'm sure I could've got an even better deal!
I had a wonderfully relaxing time on the cruise but I was also glad to get back to see my girls. My husband and I decided it’s fun to be away for a bit because it makes you appreciate home too.


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