Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Review of Spires of Stone by Annette Lyon

I’ve had a very busy couple of weeks but it has been lots of fun!
I attended the LDStorymakers conference held in Sandy, Utah and it was phenomenal as usual. This was my 3rd year attending and each year I learn more and more to help me improve in my writing. I’m so excited to get busy on the things that I’ve learned that I’ve neglected my blogging a little. I have some catching up to do.
At the writing conference, it’s also lots of fun to meet and talk with many great authors. I set aside some money to buy some books from several of the authors there and I will keep you posted on those.

The first one I’d like to review is written by Annette Lyon and it was absolutely fantastic! It is called Spires of Stone and it had such great romantic tension that I even dreamt about it. If you would like a great story, full of history, romance, humor, and more, then I think you should read this book. Really, it was killing me when I had to stop reading and take care of my children! I think Annette needs to include a crock-pot recipe in her book so that you can keep reading and not worry about cooking dinner.
I chose this book because the story sounded interesting, but also because of the setting and history it covers. It is set during the time period when the Salt Lake Temple is under construction. Steve and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple and I have always loved hearing stories about the amazing pioneers who hauled huge blocks of granites weighing over a ton out of the canyon for this beautiful edifice. Spires of Stone gives a great picture of the actual work involved and what an amazing feat it must have been to complete the beautiful temple, not to mention an excellent story to go along with it.
So go out and pick up this book or any others by Annette Lyon. I’m sure you will enjoy it! You can visit her website at


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