Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Writing and Rewriting

I have to put in another plug for the wonderful LDStorymakers conference! I had such a great time and have had all kinds of ideas running through my head since I returned.
Now I am busily revising and rewriting a few manuscripts to get them ready for submission. I am really excited about getting some of my manuscripts a step closer to publication. Of course, I know some of those steps involve receiving rejections but I'm getting good at that, so bring 'em on!
The problem with revising a book is I have fallen in love with my characters. I really like them and it's hard to see what they are doing wrong (which basically means what I have written them doing wrong). It's also hard to cut, cut, cut out favorite lines because they aren't relevant to the story. Does anyone else think of the movie Rainmaker when I say "Cut, cut, cut!"? Anyway tangent, but we authors will do almost anything it seems to get away from the revising project. But I'm determined to make some definite headway this week.
Today was actually a really good day. While my 2 year old was taking her nap, I was reading my middle-grade novel aloud to my almost 5 year old. It's important to read your manuscript aloud to catch things and since she was playing by me, she got to hear it. What was fun, was how much she comprehended and then would ask me questions. In one part, my character has a confrontation with a bully and Gracie said, "If he did that to me, then I would slap him." Okay watch out fellow kindergartners next year, you better not be bullying my daughter! :)
Anyway I will keep you posted on all of my publishing successes as I am sure they will be coming soon--hey that's optimism, not sarcasm there.
Really though, stay tuned because I'll be posting the totally awesome illustrations for another of my short stories which has been published by Story Time Felts.
And if you couldn't tell my brain is fried after a few hours of editing and this was my pitiful attempt to give it a break. I think I'll go eat some Dove dark chocolate now to get those creative juices flowing.


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