Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big Time News! It's a ...

Hey, I've been in Slackerville and haven't posted for a while. Sorry, but life has just been too dang exciting and busy to keep up with. I'm so far behind on all my friend's blogs that I feel out of the loop. I've got a ton of things to tell you, but I think I'll keep you in suspense and do a little at a time. :)
So, shall we announce the best news first?
Last week, we found out that we are going to be needing some blue blankies in this household! Yes, we're going to have a BOY! My husband is thrilled because he felt a little outnumbered. He said there's so many emotions with all these girls, but he loves it--we know it!
So later this fall, we will welcome our first little boy and thank goodness his sisters are excited about him! At first, Gracie was adamant that she wanted another sister, but then a few weeks ago, she changed her mind.
We're thrilled with the news and thrilled that everything on the ultrasound looked so healthy. I'm trying to keep my energy up with the two hoodlums, but boy do I look forward to naptime and bedtime some days! The girls have been really cute about my pregnancy though and I think they'll be pretty excited when the baby finally gets here.
Well, gotta run but I have some more fun news coming soon!


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