Monday, May 12, 2008

Birthday BASH

We recently had the big 5 birthday party for my daughter, Gracie. It was a blast. We had ten 5 year olds running around like crazy. I think the highlight was when my husband let them throw water balloons at him and chase him around.
As you can tell by the picture, Gracie was a tiny bit excited about her big day!
I had a lot of fun making a special birthday cake for her. My mom always made awesome cakes from the Wilton cake pans and decorated them late into the night when we were asleep. We would wake up in the morning and our fabulous cake would be on the table next to our presents.
I showed Gracie the selection of cake pans and she chose the "Cool Cat" and wanted it pink like the picture too. I let her help me for a little bit before bed and then I realized the true reason my mom decorated the cakes late at night! About the time Maggie pulled up a stool and started licking the frosting off, we decided it was time for bed. I think it turned out pretty good though and thank goodness we have a picture to remember all that work we ate. :)

I can't believe that I have a 5 year old, but it sure is fun. It's amazing how much they learn and can comprehend already at such a young age. She has an amazing imagination. In fact, she gave me the idea for the next book I want to write just because I was listening to her talk. She is constantly playing and making up songs to sing to her dolls and stuffed animals.
I hope you all had a good mother's day yesterday. I love my girls so much and feel so lucky to have them. I am so happy that I can hear their little voices every day (more thankful when the voices are singing instead of whining, but ya know...)They are priceless!
Here's a pic of Maggie at Gracie's party. She came for the food.
And she was a pretty good sport for being only 2 1/2 and watching her sister unwrap all of those presents!
I hope this brought a smile to your face. I want to thank my mom and dad for making all of my birthdays special. I have so many great memories of all my awesome cakes and the other fun things we did. I love you guys!


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