Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6, 7, 8 Writer’s Conference

This past Saturday I attended a writer’s conference at Cedar Fort headquarters in Springville, Utah. It was an amazing conference and one of the things that really sweetened it for me was the fact that it only cost me $25 to attend and I received a tasty lunch and a free book from the motivational speaker, Eloise Owens.
I was very impressed with Cedar Fort and have a brand new appreciation for this publishing company. I was most impressed about their motto: “Books that make a difference!”

Doug Johnston, the publicist, was in charge of the conference and he did an excellent job in setting it up. The speakers all offered great information. One of the key points for me was the fact that I was able to meet with an editor and pitch a few of my projects. Both the publisher and editor were very kind and sincere in their interest of my writing. I have heard from several other attendees that they felt the same way. Of course, we don’t know what will happen ultimately with the submissions, but an aspiring author always appreciates opportunities like these.
Cedar Fort also had tons of book titles on an incredible sale and Monday for family home evening, we read My Wedding Day by Deborah Pace Rowley and illustrated by Glenn Harmon.
I’m excited about the other books I picked up and I’ll let you know more about them in the future.


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