Monday, June 2, 2008

A New Invention

I have an idea for a new invention. They need to install beepers on little kid’s shoes. Yes, one of those nice little alarms with a remote so when the shoes are lost for the 12, 987 time this week, instead of scouring the house and yard trying to find the dumb things, you just push a button. Voila! The magical beeping sound instantly alerts you to the correct location under the couch, inside the car, under a bush, inside the dolly suitcase—wherever they may be, the shoes could instantly be found!
I think this would be a great solution to the problem of lost shoes. I would like it much better than interrogating a 5 year old and trying to get her to remember where she left her shoes.
I have a nice little shoe holder in her closet and actually she puts them away quite nicely if I remind her. The problem is now that it is summertime, we have flip-flops. Those must not be considered shoes in a “little kid world” because they never stay on for more than 5 minutes!
So if anyone would like to make millions by inventing the Shoe Beeper, let me know because I want to buy some. I could even help with advertising. We could say, “Lower your blood pressure, buy a shoe beeper today!” or “Going insane? No medication needed, just buy a shoe beeper today!” “No more #$*%& beeping language when you can’t find your child’s shoes, just push a button and hear the lovely beeping direct you to the shoes.”
Wow! This could be quite the thing, we could have beepers for the little Polly Pocket’s shoe the size of a dust mite that we must find or the certain special blanket that baby needs to sleep, and of course I know this one’s been thought of before so why hasn’t someone invented it? The remote control beeper.
I hope you all have a nice day and that you know exactly where your shoes and your children’s shoes are when you need them.


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