Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer is the Time for Celebration Days

I’ve noticed something about Utah’s cities. Nearly every one has some kind of “Celebration Days” during the summertime. I live in Utah County and there are tons of cities around. The celebrations usually start in May, for example “Salem Days” and extend clear into September when you can hit “Payson Onion Days” on Labor Day.

I grew up in a rural community in Idaho and didn’t remember going to a lot of different celebrations. But then I figured maybe that was because everything was too far away.
So I started researching cities and found several within 50 miles of where I grew up who do hold annual celebrations for all kinds of things like, “Pioneer Days,” “River Festival,” “Scandivanian Festival,” and more.

I found that there are little towns all over the United States who hold special Celebration Days every summer. For fun, check out a few of the links I found and the activities these cities sponsor.
The Farmington, Minnesota annual City celebration
The Boulder County Fair

The point of this article is to remind you that there are plenty of opportunities for recreation wherever you go. If you’re feeling like summer is flying by and you’re not able to do as many fun things as you like—or perhaps the wallet is a little empty—just jump online and check out the events for cities near you or where you may be traveling. You might be surprised how many fun, free, or affordable activities are available during the celebration days of a particular city.

Just because the 4th of July celebrations have passed doesn’t mean you’ve missed out on all the excitement. There’s plenty more community events in store.
Here is a list of just some of the events that will be taking place at different cities all over the United States this summer:

5K fun runs, 10K runs, Triathlons, etc.
Booths around the park with vendors from all sorts of places
City Parades
Traveling carnivals for the kids
Kiss the Pig contest
Antique Car Shows
Baby contests
Pie eating contests
Fireworks Displays
Talent Shows
Breakfast or Supper Fundraisers
Bagpipe Celebrations
Art Shows
Movie in the Park
Dances and Battle of the Bands
Home Run Derby
Scavenger Hunts
Service Projects
Art Festivals
Boat Regattas
Flower Shows

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