Friday, August 8, 2008

Experience the Olympics

The Summer Olympics are officially here! I am so excited to see the Opening Ceremony tonight on TV.

I have always enjoyed watching the Olympics, but now that I have kids, I’m remembering some reasons why I enjoyed cheering on the athletes when I was a kid.

You can make this a great experience for your kids too. For many of us, the Olympics may have been our first introduction to many different kinds of sports. Most kids know about basketball, soccer, and swimming—but what about relay races, high jumping, the pommel horse, the vault, rowing, archery, ….I think you get the point here. There are hundreds of different events during the Olympics. Take a minute to watch a few with your kids. Talk about the different kinds of sports and what it takes to be able to do different things.
Ask them questions-- Do you think that Olympic diver is pretty good at archery too? Why or why not? This is a great activity to help kids realize that we are all different and we can all develop different talents. We don’t all have to be the best soccer player; there are so many things that we can learn and do.
We are so blessed that Heavenly Father created us to be so diverse and full of so many possibilities and potential.

When I watch the Olympics, it reminds me again of that potential we all have in us to succeed. I hope you all have a minute somewhere to recognize the great effort these athletes from all over the world have made to get to the Olympics. And I hope you remember your own individual worth and see the potential for success in your life.

During the two weeks of the Olympics, I enjoy feeling like my dreams aren’t so out of reach. I love hearing stories of triumph—even if it doesn’t come with a gold medal. But
watch out if they ever have the Homemaker Olympics, I could probably give you a run for your money in the fastest diaper changing contest with least wipes!

Hey, something cool I saw on the news the other night. You can go to and see tons of live video and detailed stories about the Olympics. They have several reporters in China who are posting their own pictures, blogs, and videos about their experiences.

Enjoy the Olympics!
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