Monday, August 18, 2008

Going for the Gold- Michael Phelps Style

Michael Phelps. Have you ever heard of him? One of the greatest Olympians in history. This dude must be part fish.
Michael Phelps won his eighth gold medal at the Olympics in Beijing on Sunday. This is a huge record for any one Game.
Michael is only 23 years old and he smashed seven world records this week. Despite the fact that he won 8 gold medals in Beijing, he is also the highest achieving Olympian of all time with a total of 14 gold medals in the 112 year history of the modern Olympics.
I watched almost all of Michael Phelps' races and I listened to an interview with Jeremy Schaap from ESPN as well as some quick interviews after his races. I was impressed with what I heard.

What I really thought was great is what I heard after winning his 8th gold medal. I wish I had the exact wording, but I’ll give you a kind of summary. The TV announcer interviewed him and asked him something to the effect, “Did you ever think that you could do it? Did you really believe that you could win all 8 gold medals?”
I was on the edge of my seat waiting for his response. He said, “Yeah, it was definitely a goal and I felt I had a good chance. It is a dream come true.” He said that he’d worked hard and told himself that he had a good chance. I was hoping that he wouldn’t be too modest and just tell us that YES, he told himself he was going to win all 8 medals. Because I believe that you have to believe in yourself to make those dreams come true.
I think Michael does believe in himself because in another interview he said concerning his one-one-hundredth of a second win over Cavic. “Luck has something to do with it, but the best athletes deliver under any circumstances.”

Like I’ve said before, I love the Olympics because they are so inspiring. We get to witness people making their dreams come true. People who work hard and believe in themselves and do all they can to accomplish their goals.
I believe that with any goal, no matter how great or small, you must BELIEVE that you can do it!

Phelps was asked how he could focus with 17 races, 8 of which were finals. He said just “by taking it one step at a time. One race at a time and once they were finished, move on.”

This is exactly what we must do with our own goals. Break them up into smaller manageable goals. I think after watching the Olympics, we could all set a few goals of our own. It’s a pretty simple process if you follow the gold medalists and do something like this:

Believe in yourself
Set goals
Believe in yourself
Break big goals into smaller, manageable steps
Believe in yourself
Work hard and achieve those goals!

You’ll see yourself achieving some pretty amazing things. Go for the gold!

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