Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Healthy Social Interaction

I graduated in psychology from Utah State University and one of the topics I had to study in depth was social interaction.

Humans need social interaction. In fact, when we have healthy social interactions we are healthier. It goes beyond emotional health because the way we feel emotionally affects our physical beings as well. When we are regularly engaged in healthy social interaction, every aspect of our lives is affected positively. Strong social ties help us to deal with stress.

I believe we were created to be social creatures, to interact with others because we can each affect one another for good. Think of your own family, your spouse, your best friend and the interactions you have with them—be it good or bad. How do those social interactions affect aspects of your life?

It’s true that we gain our self-identity at a very young age because of the interaction we have with those who are closest to us. Strong families with a healthy atmosphere of love and kindness help create good self-confidence.
What about those who grow up in fractured families or hostile social situations? It doesn’t automatically mean they are doomed, it usually means that a person will have to look elsewhere to get the healthy social relationships they need to thrive.

This is a topic that I would like to cover over time on my blog. How we can have healthy social interactions to find joy and confidence in life.
We can nurture family relationships and also find ways to build new friendships. I will explore some ways that we can do this.

As a stay at home mom of young children, there are many times when I crave social interaction. When my husband gets home, it’s hard to have much of a conversation with the kids clamoring for our attention. Going on dates definitely helps, but we don’t get to go every night.
Females need a lot more talk time than males and so there are many ways I fulfill this need. I’m looking forward to sharing those with you.
In the mean time, I hope that you will remember the affect a kind word can have on someone. It may affect them for a day or a lifetime.

I noticed this quote in my daughter’s kindergarten classroom.

“The best way to improve a child’s hearing is through praise.”

I agree with this quote and I think it extends beyond childhood. We are social beings and we have the ability to positively influence others. Let’s start today to make a difference.

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