Sunday, September 28, 2008

Introducing Dawson Teancum Christensen

We're so excited that Dawson is here! He was born September 18th and weighed 7lbs. 4 oz and was 21 inches long!

He struggled a little when he was born because he had some amniotic fluid in his left lung. This was diagnosed as pneumonia and he had to have an antibiotic through an IV. This was really difficult for me, but he never had any infection so that was a real blessing. He had to stay in the hospital a few extra days and I stayed on as a guest so that I could nurse him.

It was so sad for his sisters because we'd been talking about the day that they would get to hold their new little brother and when he was born they could only look through the nursery window. After a few days, Dawson was able to come to my hospital room even though he was still hooked up to his IV. So the girls were able to have a chance to finally hold him. We just had to be careful of his little IV tube.

When Maggie held him, she said, "Can I pet him?" Here she is doing that. :)

We were so thrilled to finally come home and bring this sweet little boy into our home where his two sisters were waiting with LOTS of love!! I had a lot of good help from my family and I appreciate everyone's love and support.
Dawson is so sweet and loves to be held and cuddled and we don't mind indulging him.


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