Monday, September 1, 2008

Last of the Summer Holidays

I hope you all have a Happy Labor Day! I have to admit this holiday was never high on my list of fun ones because it really was a day of labor for my family. It was a day off with time to harvest more vegetables from the garden, bottle tomatoes or salsa, and do yard work. Sometimes we would go on a little picnic but that’s about all I remember.

Now fast forward quite a few years. I live in Utah County and Labor Day is definitely a fun day here because of Payson Onion Days. My husband grew up in Payson and so he always got to celebrate the holiday.

The preparation starts early with my in-laws setting up chairs by the Payson park on Saturday night so they can get their coveted spot! Then a great parade starts at 10:00am with all kinds of floats, bands, people throwing candy, even a bagpipe band. My kids especially like the people throwing candy and the “princesses” which are the royalty from different cities waving from their floats. My three-year old even has the wave down.

Then after the parade, if you’re lucky you may get to hit a few of the carnival rides in the park. Or you might just enjoy walking around all of the different vendor booths or eating some delicious food from one of the food booths. You can’t beat a hot scone with melting honey butter dripping in sugary rivulets down your hands, can you?

For the Christensen’s, we all head over to Mom and Dad’s house and get ready for a barbeque with all kinds of salads, desserts, and you can’t forget the homemade peach ice cream. The cousins all love playing together and the adults enjoy some great conversations, maybe even a few political debates.

It really is a fun holiday, filled with family, food, and friends.
Today I’m writing this blog during the parade while my husband takes my two little girls to see the festivities. Since I’m very pregnant, it’s very uncomfortable to do a lot of things—including sitting in a little folding chair on the sidewalk. I helped get the girls ready and it was funny to dress them in Levis and jackets because it’s only about 60 degrees right now. They were very excited to go and I was a little sad I had to miss the fun, but don’t worry, I won’t miss out on all the fun. I’m heading over to the picnic afterwards. And maybe I won’t be missing as much as I thought since a huge rainstorm is supposed to be coming over the area very soon. Usually if you take an umbrella on Labor Day it’s for the sunshine, not the rain.

I hope whether your Labor day involves festivities and parades or some good hard labor that you enjoy it. Even though my Labor Days are a bit more fun now, I don’t begrudge the memories I have of working together with my family. Any time spent with family is a good time—spend it wisely!

* Guess I better update here and report what happened. Shortly after I posted this on Labor Day, my husband called and said it was pouring buckets of rain and then hailing and they all needed a change of clothes. So they didn't get to see much of the parade and everyone escaped to Grandma's house to dry off. Pretty crazy day!
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