Monday, September 29, 2008

Social Networking Hits New Levels At

Do you enjoy blogging? Emailing friends? Surfing the web to find information on specific topics? Chatting?
Then I invite you to come on over to the neighborhood and enjoy interaction with like-minded friends. Click here to see what it's all about. There’s a new social network called Neighborhood and Friends which is sponsored by
It’s easy to join and you can automatically have your own page and a blog linked to that page. You can post comments, pictures, video, and have all kinds of fun with this new venue.
There are currently 25 different groups with topics as varied as Books, Books and More Books, Autism Spectrum Families and those that love them, Sports & Recreation, Great Gospel Music
You can easily join any group and jump in on a discussion or start a thread of your own. You can invite lots of your friends to join and also send requests to be a friend to other members in the forum. I’ve only been a part of this for about a week and already have met several new friends.

Being a member of a few writer’s and critique groups is actually what got me started on blogging and other fun web activities which have brought me so many rewards. I have made some of the best friends and met such awesome people through the internet. And because I have a blog, I have actually been able to re-connect with some old friends who “found” me on the internet.
I wouldn’t call myself an avid blogger because I just don’t have tons of time to spend on that, but I can tell you that the time I have allotted is well-spent and enjoyable.
I’ve learned things that have helped me with my family, to be a better mother, to be a better friend, even recipes to try for dinner.
So you don’t need to be on the internet every day, all day long to be a part of social networking. Some people may only check their email once a week, but still remain an active part of their group. Also don’t be worried that because this is sponsored by yourLDSneighborhood that you can only talk about LDS stuff. There are so many topics open to everyone, that I’m sure you’ll find your niche and feel comfortable as a part of the group.
If you’re trying out a new hobby and need an expert or maybe learning to share a new interest with a spouse or friend, you’re sure to find a source of information at the neighborhood. I hope that you can come visit and join a group. If you do, drop by and say hello! Click here to visit my neighborhood page.
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