Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One Month Old

Our sweet baby boy is already one month old!
It's amazing how fast these little ones grow. I could tell Dawson had grown longer when I gave him a bath the other day in his little bath tub. I think he's going to be pretty tall. He is a big eater and is doing really well. We're still working on trying to get more sleep at night.

Gracie and Maggie just adore him and want to hold him all the time. When Dawson cries, Maggie follows me around saying, "Can I hold him for just one minute? Please."
Gracie loves to hold him and she actually does a pretty good job. She's started picking him up by herself which is scary and I'm going to have to find a place he can rest where no one can reach him. :)
The girls also love to sing to him and soothe him when he's crying. They're good little helpers.

I just love cuddling with him because I know that he won't be this small for very long. He's starting to make eye contact and smile now and it's so neat to see his little personality just starting to emerge.

Steve is thrilled to have a "Packer buddy" and has already started talking to Dawson about football. There's no shortage of love for this little guy. We're all excited he's here and excited to watch him grow and be a part of his life.


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