Monday, October 6, 2008

With a Click of the Mouse, Curiosity Killed the Cat

I do a lot of searching on the internet, my favorite is "googling," for my writing. I kept accidentally pulling up sites which were less than favorable. It was odd because a perfectly innocent search would bring up the strangest sites. I hated it when I clicked on these sites and was assaulted with a terrible image or bad language or just distasteful writing.

I am and always have been a very visual person. Images stay in my mind. For example, when I would study in my textbook in college and then need to bring the information to mind for a test, I could picture where I had read it in the textbook: on the right hand side of the page about ¾ down for example. Because of this, I was being affected by the sneaky internet pages coming up in my searches.

Sometimes I would look at a title of the search and wonder if it might be questionable material. Unfortunately, the only way I could find out at the time was by clicking on the link.
Now I have a friend called K9. It is a FREE advanced filtering system which I downloaded here
to my computer. Thanks to Jeff, my computer-smart brother in law for sharing the info with me.

K9 is so awesome because now I can search the web and never fear about accidentally stumbling on something I’d rather not see. If I click on something that is questionable, my K9 alert page comes up. There is a password in place and you can override any page, but I trust K9. There are people sifting through millions of pages every day and reporting them to K9 so they can be filtered out. But the best part is, that K9 is really smart. You can search things like ‘breast cancer’ and get the information you’re looking for. Old filtering programs would block anything that had questionable words in it, but K9 knows exactly what is on every page.

You can allow different levels of access on your computer. For example, K9 will automatically block because it is a social networking page, which is a source of some problems for teens and children. Or you can choose to allow social networking all the time or just for 15 minutes at a time.

If I want to search for a photo on the web for my blog, I can tell K9 to allow a site which contains millions of photos for 15 minutes. Some of those millions of photos are probably questionable, but I’m not going to be searching for those.

I think that every single computer, in every single household should have K9 or a comparable filter. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, your kids are grown and gone, or you have a houseful of kids. All computers should have a filtering system.

Remember that I wasn’t looking for pornography or questionable material and I found it anyway. For some people, it only takes one wrong click to start on a pathway that can quickly spiral out of control. There is filth on the internet and it is too easy and too readily accessible. Don’t kid yourself that you’re exempt from the trash on the internet. I’d wager a guess that most people have accidentally stumbled upon something that made them cringe.

If you study into the problems with pornography and addiction, you most often will hear that it all started with one event. Maybe it was a magazine in a trashcan; nowadays it’s more than likely a click of the mouse. With one click of the mouse, curiosity can kill the innocence of youth. Don’t wait for it to happen. Take active measures today to protect your home, your family, yourself. No one can say that reading or looking at things that are unsavory doesn’t affect them. One click of the mouse can kill the Spirit in your home. We don’t want to open any more doorways for Satan and his influences to enter our home.

It will take less than five minutes today to download K9 and incorporate its system on your computer. The emblem of K9 is a shield and that is really what it is—a shield to protect yourself and your family. Put on that shield and take the first step against pornography in your home. Then utilize K9’s advanced internet monitor to see exactly what is filtering through your computer.
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