Monday, November 17, 2008

Enjoying Enrichment Night

Last Tuesday I attended an Enrichment Night for my ward and had a wonderful time. We had all taken the Color Code test to find out our personality colors(stay tuned for another post with more details about this test.) We met together for a beautiful evening with a guest speaker and a delicious meal served by our own young women.

I’m in the Relief Society presidency and have been part of planning many Enrichment activities over the past two years. I’ve heard from many people who have enjoyed Enrichment. I’ve also heard from others who don’t attend because they feel Enrichment doesn’t have anything to offer them or they just don’t like it.
I would like to encourage all women of our LDS faith to attend their Enrichment activities with an attitude of “What can I offer others?” If in the past you have not attended Enrichment because you don’t enjoy it, I hope that you will change your perspective and go to Enrichment thinking about what you have to offer those you’ll associate with.

My ward’s Enrichment Night was a beautiful illustration of how different, yet wonderful we all are. There are many different colors of personality and no matter how different we might be we can find something to unite us together. Heavenly Father has created each of us to be unique, so we all have something special to offer those we associate with. It all depends on our attitude.

Our speaker talked about charity and the pure love of Christ. If we all have charity in our hearts then we can see the beauty of each individual and realize that even if we are different, we can still love one another.

My favorite part of the talk given was when the speaker told us about how she had a son who was a “Tigger” and she was more of a “Rabbit” or an “Eeyore.” At first it was hard to deal with “Tigger” bouncing around, always hyper and full of happy energy when “Rabbit” wanted to tell him to just quit bouncing and “Eeyore” wanted to be left alone. But then she realized how grateful she was to have Tigger in her home.
She reminded us of the Winnie the Pooh story where Tigger bounces so high, he gets stuck in a tree and Rabbit wants to leave him there. But then everyone feels sad without Tigger and Rabbit realizes he misses Tigger as well. So they let him down out of the tree on the condition that he can’t bounce. Poor Tigger just doesn’t feel like a Tigger without his bounciness and turns into an “Eeyore” for a while. Rabbit sees that he can’t make Tigger be something he’s not, it’s much better to let Tigger be his bouncy self. Rabbit decides to rescind the no-bouncing requirement and Tigger is overjoyed.

Winnie-the-Pooh is a children’s story full of wisdom for us all. We are not all cut out of the exact same mold. We have intricate details woven into our personalities, our spirits, which make us children of God with individual worth. If we embrace our individual worth no matter how different we all are, then we can truly come unto Christ.
I learned all of this from my Enrichment Night. During our progressive dinner, which took place in the gym, as we rotated from different color tables for each course of the meal I also saw the many different colors of the sisters in my ward and gained a small insight into their personality which I think will help me be a better friend to them.

Each Enrichment Night planned in our ward is done with prayerful consideration and many hours of work and devotion on behalf of those involved. By attending Enrichment Night with the right attitude we are actually enjoying a little piece of heaven—an opportunity to lift someone who is feeling down, to make a new friendship, to strengthen an old friendship, and come closer to Christ.

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