Monday, November 10, 2008

MySpace Part 2

As my part in the Social Networking block at I signed up for MySpace to learn all about this popular nook of social networking.
So I decided MySpace is just not MyThing. It is very easy to use and start up your own account and you can click here to see my past post on how to do this.

I guess it depends how you plan on using MySpace. It can be another form of advertising and this seems to be what I found most represented.
During the short period when I had my profile public, people were contacting me about their MLM business, no-name music bands were contacting me to listen to their music, etc.
Based on my experiences, here are a few recommendations.

Don’t list your profile as public unless you can adjust your profile so there isn’t any personal information on there. Why, you ask? Okay, you asked right? Because within 24 hours of starting my own MySpace account I got over 30 invites to be friends with people whom I had no idea how they even found me. Even though my profile listed that I was married with children, I still had a few people making comments which made me feel uncomfortable. So I changed my profile and the random “friend” invites stopped. Of course, now my husband is going to tease me about a certain guy hitting on me through MySpace forever—so learn from my experience here!
Do not post photos for the public, make them private. This is a no-brainer here and in case you don’t agree click here for a post about blogging safely.

Before you set up a MySpace account, decide what purpose you will use that for.
I think it really should be a place for friends to network, but many, many people are using it for other reasons.
If you have lots of friends on MySpace and are interacting with them—I can see the usefulness. I still think the whole music side of MySpace along with a personal selection of songs you can attach to your account is pretty cool.
Based on my experience, I would keep a close eye on teens using MySpace. I’ve heard Facebook is safer and that is my next experiment in the study of social networking.
I’m still partial to blogger and probably always will be.
And I’m happily married to a tall, dark, and handsome man and he’s the only person I want to flirt with on the net or in person! Maybe if I had used this picture as my profile pic, I wouldn't have got so many "friendly" invites! Hee, hee!

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