Friday, November 28, 2008

Safe Social Networking with Facebook

Facebook has been recommended to me by many people as a social networking tool. Most people said they really liked it because it was a safer way to network on the internet. I decided I would go ahead and test this out and let you know the results.

So today I signed up on It only took me about five minutes to sign up. Then you can spend another half-hour inviting all the friends you have on your email list to join if you’d like. has an initial setup which is very similar to MySpace. It is expert enough to look at your address book in your email account and tell you who is already a member of Facebook. You can select who you’d like to invite to view your Facebook account from this list and then add more.

First things first. After you set up your account, go in and upload a picture for your profile and then update your profile. You can put all kinds of info here—your hometown, high school, University, etc. Then MySpace will actually pull up a network from the info you entered and you can choose more friends from there. For example, when I entered my high school, Facebook brought up several of my classmates’ accounts.

For the safest way to network through Facebook, choose “Only my Friends” when you start to upload photos. * This is important! If you have teens using Facebook, be sure that they have this option selected “Only Friends.” The other two options are “Everyone” and “Only Friends of Friends” but they are essentially the same thing because a friend of a friend could be just about anyone. Check up on the profile settings and make sure you choose the safest route.

I’m thinking this is going to be very cool because you can upload entire albums of pictures for your family to see. This is very handy if you use the Facebook photo uploader. Set up an album, then go to add more pictures and it should prompt you to use Facebook photo uploader. Then this feature will bring up a smaller window with all your documents and you can select pictures and different albums and then click on Select All or just check each picture from an album that you’d like to upload and it does it very quickly. Then you can add information to go with the pictures. In essence, an online scrapbook you can share with your family and friends.

I will update you soon with more information about Facebook and tell you how I’m liking it. Hopefully this will give you a start on this popular form of social networking.

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