Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Count Down The 12 Days of Christmas with Story Time Felts

I'm thrilled to introduce the final story in my Bug Meadow stories created by Story Time Felts!

December Hostess Exclusive

The last of our 2008 exclusives is available and this one features a story on how The Bugs Count the 12 Days of Christmas at Bug Meadow. This one is a must have and you can get it for FREE with a qualifying party. If you are a past 2008 hostess contact me and order your set today, if you are not contact me and we can book a December party for you.

Get your set for FREE when your December party reaches $300 and have 3 bookings
Purchase your set for $5.50 when your December party reaches $200 and 2 bookings.

Please enjoy this excerpt from the story:

The Bugs Count the 12 Days of Christmas at Bug Meadow

Written by Rachelle J. Christensen

December had come to Bug Meadow and the bugs scurried inside the warm greenhouse to keep out of the snow.

All of them had gathered to prepare for Christmas. Many of the bugs didn’t know what they could give as a gift. Others were more worried about what they would get.

Dragonfly especially wanted this to be a great Christmas for his mom and dad. “I want to give them a special gift, but I can’t think of anything,” he told his friend, Katydid.
To get the rest of this story and others in the Bug Meadow set, contact Rachelle (that's me!) at


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