Monday, December 8, 2008

Rachelle’s Book Club: A Stranger For Christmas

I just finished reading a short story by Carol Lynn Pearson, A Stranger For Christmas.It was excellent and a wonderful way to invite the holiday spirit into your life.
Here’s a quick blurb about the book.

"What if a family, a real one with children and everything, walked right in the front door here and said, 'We'd like to borrow a Grandma for Christmas. Let 's see. That one over there, the one with the red hair. We'll take her . . . ' "
Two old ladies face a lonely Christmas in a California nursing home. One of them still believes in the goodness of people. Now she intends to prove it with a phone call to her children.
And so begins this very special story about love, family, and miracles. As these two women put the true meaning of Christmas to the test, something completely unexpected happens. It may change their lives forever . . . just as it may change yours. A Stranger for Christmas will touch the hearts and lift the spirits of readers everywhere. It is a story to remind us of the values we cherish, the people we love, and the lessons of the holiday season. Make it part of your family's Christmas tradition this year . . . next year . . . and every year. This holiday season, open your heart to . . . A Stranger for Christmas.

*This story is thought-provoking and a genuine joy to read! Pearson’s descriptive writing ability pulls you into the story and allows you to experience the events right along with the two old ladies. I always love a book that can make me laugh and make me cry. This book has a great mix of both and a sprinkling of Christmas nostalgia we all need.

This book is available for an incredible price at Cedar Fort Inc. click here —we’re talking $3.99 incredible!!! Or on, click here
I hope many of you might have a chance to read A Stranger for Christmas by Carol Lynn Pearson this month. Read it as a family, by yourself, or give it to someone to brighten up their holiday.
Happy Holidays!

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