Friday, January 9, 2009

Network with Writers at the LDStorymakers Conference

I wanted to tell you about the most amazing writer’s conference coming up in April. The LDStorymakers conference is what I credit for getting me on the right track to becoming a successful author. I attended my first writer’s conference with LDStorymakers three years ago in 2006 and found the most amazing and professional insight into my writing. Even though I had read writing books and owned a few copies of the coveted, “Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market” I decided I didn’t know beans about writing and soaked up every last tip and detail.

Each year, the conference has improved and I have learned more and more to help me on my writing path. I’ve met some incredible authors and aspiring authors and everyone is so helpful and encouraging.

I love entering the first chapter contest in conjunction with this writer’s conference because it’s a great way to get a detailed critique on my writing and a chance to win some awesome awards! I have my beautiful certificate from 2007 with my 2nd place award hanging right above my computer. It’s helpful to look at this after opening those special little self-addressed-stamped envelopes with form letter rejections. And on the topic of rejection, it sure helps to have a network of friends to encourage you in the face of rejection. Writing or specifically submitting should be listed as an alternate definition for REJECTION in the dictionary or at least a synonym. If you are serious about writing and publishing a book, then you must be ready to open many notices of rejection—hey at least you get some mail once in a while! But back to what I was saying—attending a writer’s conference is important because you can find a network of support.
This year, my first book will be published and my goal is to get publishing contracts for two more. I am still learning and honing my writing skills and look forward to many years of successful writing.

I’ve already had some friends ask me about writing and how to write a book and I’ve told them I’m not an expert, but I think you should attend a writer’s conference—specifically LDStorymakers.

I believe that attending writer’s conferences have made all the difference in helping me to achieve my goals. So if you’re in Utah on April 24-25 and you would like to attend a premier writer’s conference, check out and register.
There is an early bird registration discount until January 31, 2009.
It’s a wonderful way to network with other writers, editors, publishers, agents and have an amazing time too!

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