Monday, January 19, 2009

Rachelle’s Book Club 2009 and How to Win a Free Book!

Welcome to one of my favorite types of social networking---that is book clubs! I love reading all types of different books and then having the opportunity to talk with others about those books. It’s great to hear different takes on the same books, to learn people’s favorite or least favorite characters or scenes, and best of all to get recommendations for great books to add to my reading list.

If you’ll look at my sidebar, I’ve listed several reviews on different books. Just click on the title and read my thoughts. This has been fun for me because unlike a review given for an English literature class, I can say what I want and also choose to review which books I want.

So what part can you play in Rachelle’s book club? Well, you can say what you want too and I’d love to hear your comments (as long as they are clean and suitable for this blog). Often, a book discussion can help us to look at a different aspect of a book and enjoy it even more. Sometimes in my speed-reading I’ll get caught up easily in one theme of a book and miss out another hidden theme. When I have the opportunity to discuss a book with someone, I’m able to revisit as well as discover some aspects of the book that I might have liked or disliked.

Please feel free to offer any suggestions for my reading list. Is there a book that you would like to read and have questions about? Ask me and I’ll do my best to find information on that particular book. I’m a member of and am very grateful for the feedback I find on books which helps me choose what to read.

How can you win a free book? Stay tuned throughout the year and take part in Rachelle’s Book Club by reading reviews and posting comments. On certain reviews, I will be offering a contest (which may vary in style) for a free book. Now on with the show…my first review of the year is right around the corner!

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