Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Terrific Tool for Teaching Teens about Social Networking

Rachelle’s Book Club: Sheep's Clothing
by Josi Kilpack

I love books—that’s pretty obvious and because of this adoration, I have burgeoning bookshelves. I tend to categorize my books by those I could never part with, those I want to read again, books which contain lessons for my kids, etc. Any excuse I can come up with to tell my bookshelf, “Just one more, we’ll squeeze it in right here!”

I do part with some books by donating them to my library which makes me feel a little bit better, almost like an open adoption in which case I may see them again. I cannot part with any of Josi Kilpack’s books.

Sheep’s Clothing fits the bill for all of my excuses to keep a book, but I specifically put a note to have my daughters read it when they reach adolescence. Kilpack covers the extremely timely and important issue of socializing on the internet and some of the consequences which do happen with internet predators.

Every parent should read this and talk to their kids about social networking, chatting, internet stalking, and how easy it is to assume a false identity on the internet. I especially liked Sheep’s Clothing because Kilpack took a good girl, Jess, and showed how she got into trouble. It wasn’t because Jess was necessarily rebellious or acting out, the internet predator found an opportunity and capitalized on it.

If you have a teenager, I would suggest having them read the book as it is appropriate for the young adult age group as well and would give them a first hand experience into the dangers which can lurk on the internet. Sometimes we can tell our kids something a hundred-thousand times, but until they can get a taste for what we’re talking about they won’t take us seriously. This is why Sheep's Clothing
is a great book to keep on your shelves for the whole family.

Not only is it a great teaching tool, but this is a riveting story which will keep you turning the pages as fast you can!

Sheep’s Clothing also won the prestigious Whitney Award for books published in 2007. Kilpack is an excellent writer and she has covered some interesting topics in her books. Check her out at

You can purchase Sheep’s Clothing at here.Sheep's Clothing

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