Monday, January 5, 2009

Why Social Network?

Social Networking has become a huge force in the world today for many different reasons. One of the most important reasons is business related—word of mouth is what creates business. With the internet we are able to send and receive more and more information to help us make good decisions in our purchases.

If you’ve ever tried to research an important purchase, you’ve probably found comments from other people helpful in making your decision. Now with forums such as reviews and comments you can find information about almost any item—books, electronic equipment, clothing, kid’s toys—you name it (or rather google it) and the internet will find it and a list of people who have commented or posted something about it on their website.

As an author, I’ve been told that a web presence is a must. Social Networking is important to me for business reasons and recreational reasons. I’ve met so many wonderful people through social networking and I enjoy putting out a good word for those books and items which I have found enjoyable.

Another perk I’ve really enjoyed through social networking is the products I’ve been able to receive and then review. I received about 10 free books last year because I was part of a blog tour or review team on those books. Free books= fun in my world!

If you’ve been thinking about joining a social network, I’d encourage you to start now. Decide what your purpose is—why do you want to network? And then search out an area that fits. Starting a blog is incredibly easy, especially if you do that through It’s like your own personal website which you can make private or public.

Now before I sign off, I’d like to give you the link to my previous post where I shared information about a very talented artist, David Bowman.

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