Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blogging For Dummies Part 3: How to upload a photo

Refer to my previous posts on blogging if you need to catch up, Part 1

and Part 2

Click on New post to begin and if you have your text ready, go ahead and type or paste it in. Make sure you click on the COMPOSE tab because it makes uploading a photo soooo much easier!

I am giving directions on how to upload a photo which is saved to your computer because that’s how I do it. Click on the lovely little box on the right hand side that is right next to your ABC checkmark. If you put your mouse on this box it will say, Add image. Once you have clicked on the box, it will open up a separate Blogger window to upload your images. Click on BROWSE and a window will open up with access to all of the files on your computer. Go to the file containing your picture and highlight the picture, then click on OPEN.

Now you are back to the image box and you will see some code in the bar before browse—this is your picture.

Now you can choose, what size you want your picture to be and if you want it Left, Center, or Right.

Click on UPLOAD IMAGE and wait while your picture loads. The box will then say, “Your image has been added” and you can click on the blue box DONE and the image box will close and take you back to your post draft box.

Every time you load a photo, no matter where your cursor is on your text, the picture will appear at the top of your blog post. YOU CAN MOVE IT THOUGH! All you need to do is click on your picture and drag it down to where you want. If you chose LEFT for your picture to upload, you obviously can’t drag it to the right side of the screen, but hopefully you knew that already.

I uploaded a photo of my daughter and I sledding and dragged it down to match up with my text here.

You can upload several different photos and move them around the box.

If you upload your photo and all you see is a bunch of numbers and text with , you are in the EDIT HTML tab of your post. I had to learn this the hard way. You can cut and paste those symbols wherever you want in your text and I know some prefer to move their images this way. But I would rather click on the COMPOSE TAB and see my picture and then move it.

Once you have your picture in place, you can click on publish post and then view your blog.

I hope these simple instructions can help those who haven’t tried to tackle uploading a photo yet. It’s very easy and fun. Just remember to be safe, click here for more information about blogging safely.

Happy Blogging!

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