Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Love List Day 10--I Love Running

I love running. I didn’t discover a love of running until six or seven years ago. I was a farm girl with strong legs and arms for lifting pipe and it was really hard to run very fast in irrigation boots. Hee, hee!

Some of my friends were on the track team and the coach even bothered me a few times to try high-jumping because I’m 5’7” but I didn’t want to give up my job which started in April and lasted until October usually. That was right during track season, so I never learned about running.

Now I know about running. I’m not the greatest runner, but I’m not the worst. I love it because running is something that is a challenge and it’s all up to me. I have to make myself take the next step. Every time I run, there is a time when it’s difficult—sometimes it’s when I start, sometimes it’s after the first mile, sometimes it’s only 200 yards from the finish line—but every time I conquer that weakness inside me that screams for me to stop, I feel so alive, happy, and free!

Running makes me feel like I can do anything, maybe that’s in part because I never pictured myself as a runner. I hope that I’ll always be able to enjoy running, but I know there aren’t many guarantees in life so I’m going to enjoy it while I can. I’m so excited to participate in some fun runs this summer. I missed out on all the 5K races last year because I was pregnant, but I can’t wait to hit the streets this year! In the meantime I’ll get my treadmill warmed up and try to outrun this snowy weather.


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