Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Love List Day 11-- I love Rupert

I love Rupert, Idaho. This is the small farming town where I grew up—I think the population is just over 6,000 nowadays. I love Rupert because that is where my parents are and because I loved my childhood. We actually lived outside of the city limits by quite a few miles and our home, like most in the country, was surrounded by fields. Potatoes, Sugar beets, beans, alfalfa, wheat, barley, onions, even turnips were some of the crops produced in the fields around my home.

I loved being outdoors and hearing the crickets chirping, frogs singing, and a sky full of stars so bright and clear on a summer night. I loved riding my bike up and down the roads and only having a handful of cars pass by. I loved running and jumping in the canal and going for a swim or floating on a tube. I loved horseback riding and loping through the fields—the exhilaration of a horse running full speed with my dad riding by my side. I loved our huge garden and picking raspberries with my mom.

I love the old town square in Rupert that used to be lined with shops of all kinds with successful merchants. The square is still there, but the stores have changed. I love the Christmas lighting ceremony on that same town square, each year on the day after Thanksgiving. We were “Christmas City USA” and even had fireworks to light up the night.

The 4th of July parade couldn’t be missed with my favorite fighter jets from Mountain Home Air Force Base to kick off the parade each year.
Boating on the Snake River with my friends. Playing at the Minidoka Dam and raking leaves in the hugest piles you’ve ever seen.
Driving for over twenty miles to get to a friend’s house and it was still Rupert. Everywhere you drove, people waved at you and you knew most of them or they knew you because they knew your parents.

These are a few of the things I love about Rupert. I know it’s mostly the people that make the town, but the town lent its character to me and helped build my memories over the years. I couldn’t have picked a better place to grow up.


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