Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Love List Day 14- I Love Reading

I love reading because it is magic! Reading makes me think about things I never would’ve considered before. I’ve learned about different parts of the world, unusual occupations, weapons, vehicles, the French Revolution, fairies, dinosaurs, the FBI, trolls, horses, the Civil War and you get my point. Reading has opened up the world for me to see just how big it is and how complex people are—that each life is filled with so many dynamics.

I love to read because I can get lost in a book and leave behind my own troubles for awhile. My favorite treat to myself is to read. I enjoy reading all different types of books as long as they’re clean and love to talk about the books I’ve read and enjoyed.

Some books I read just because they are enjoyable—pure recreation. Others I read because I’m in a mood to ponder things, to learn about things. As I’ve read more and more and also learned more about the art of writing, I’ve gained a more critical eye. I notice parts of a book I didn’t before. I can see how the writer used dialogue sparingly in a scene to allow the reader to fill in the blanks of emotion. I notice how certain writer’s blend beautiful words of description into a scene so carefully that I feel I am walking through it as I’m reading. I also notice some of the things which don’t make the book compelling enough to finish and have started to question what makes a book really great, a classic, for example.

There are so many facets to reading which I enjoy and I know that as time goes by, I will continue to discover more that I love.

I have my very own book club on this blog--Rachelle's Book Club. If you’d like to see any of the reviews I’ve posted, just look on my sidebar and click on a title. I really enjoy hearing what other people think about books. I try to read the scriptures each day, a book for fun, and a few paragraphs or chapter from a book concentrated on something I want to learn about.
I hope everyone can find a few minutes to read a great book every day.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


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