Friday, February 6, 2009

My Love List Day 6 *To Celebrate Valentine's Day, each day I am writing about something I love

I love writing! From the time I first learned the craft of reading and writing, I have always enjoyed writing poetry and making up stories. I used to climb the giant Poplar trees in my parent’s pasture as a kid and sit on a branch and think up great dialogues for the characters in my stories.

I have learned so much about writing over the past five years and have just completed the first draft of my fifth book. Writing is so exciting because it seems with every word I write, more are bursting forth. Writing is like my daily vitamin—it makes me happy to create—to see those beautiful words on a page!

Writing can also be very personal and private because I put so much of myself into the characters I create and work so hard to make the words into a great story. Writing is magic because with just one word, I can change the meaning of a sentence, the direction of a story, the outcome of my character’s life. One word can elicit emotions such as fear, hope, love, or joy. String that one word to another and then another and soon there is a manuscript sitting with 57,426 words just waiting to be revised and polished.

I love those words—all of them—they are like my little pets and I can’t wait to show them to you and hope that you will love them as much a I do. I will groom my words and tie ribbons in their hair and shine them until they sparkle. Some of you will love my words and ask for more and others may hate them, but I will still write. I will write those words one at a time, filling up pages and pages because I am a writer. I inhale the air from the most marvelous creation of the world surrounding me and I exhale words. I love writing and yes, I must breathe to live but I also must live to write.

Check out Day Dreamer for the creator of the love list and everyone who is participating. Thanks Christine!


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