Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Love List Day 7--I love my mom and dad

I love my mom and dad. My parents are amazing and I love them so much. They taught me to work hard, dream big, and laugh long. My dad is a big tease and I learned the fine art of sarcasm from him. I also learned that even though life is tough, it’s worth taking by the reins and going somewhere. He instilled in me a determination so stubborn and unfailing that I know I tested his limits many times. When I set my mind to something—the course is set. Thank you Dad for teaching me to get back on the horse every time I got bucked off—this is figurative as well as from actual events!

My mom has a silly side which kept us all laughing. I loved April Fool’s Day because she always did something cool, sometimes the whole community got to take part—remember the Styrofoam cake that made it all around town, Mom? My mom read to me and allowed my creative spirit to roam free. She listened to my stories, funny lyrics made up to Christmas carols and hymns, and poems. I love talking to my mom and miss the regular two mile walks we took at least four times a week through most of my high school years.

My parents taught me how to work hard. Anyone who has ever done hard labor on a farm knows what I mean. Pulling weeds taller than myself, moving pipe, gardening, watering trees by the heavy 5-gallon bucketful, digging up puncture weeds in the truck yard, cooking, cleaning—no one can say I don’t know how to work. I am so grateful for this lesson because I’ve learned that everything in life worth having takes some work to get. The work may not all be physical, but there is still some kind of work involved. I won’t give up on my dreams because I know if I keep working hard enough I will find success.

I love my mom and dad for so many reasons, I could write pages and pages, but I will tell you that they have sacrificed so much for me and all their children to make our lives wonderful. They have tried their very best to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and serve others and show me how to do likewise. They have always given me love freely and encouraged me in every endeavor.
It has always been important for my parents to be proud of me because I am proud of them. Thanks Mom and Dad! I love you!


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