Friday, March 6, 2009

Blogging For Dummies: How to Leave a Hyperlink with your Comment

I would like to thank my good friend Cindy for helping me with the following helpful blogging tip.

If you've traveled the blogging world, you've probably seen lots and lots of comments on blog posts. Once in a while, you might see someone leave a comment and they leave a link which goes back to their blog or website. How do they do that?

So I'm happy to share with you how to leave a link in the comment section of a blog post.

If you want to leave a link in one of your comments, you go ahead and type your comment and then before the word that you want highlighted with your link you type this:

So if my comment was something like this, "Hey, loved your post. I had some similar ideas at my blog, if you'd like to stop by." *And I wanted to link the word "blog" then I would write it just like this in the comment section:

You can either use your general blog address for "YOUR URL", or you can use the address for a specific post, depending on what you want to accomplish.

You can put any combination of words or word in the "YOUR WORDS" section to link back to your specific webpage.

Be sure to preview your comment before posting, as it will tell you if you've goofed the code.

Did you know you could preview your comment? Yes, for all of those "Type A" personalities who hate to leave a typo in your comment (that's me too!) you can preview your comment and make sure it says what you meant before hitting publish your comment.

Please use discretion when leaving links in your comments though. People don't like irrelevant advertising on their blogs. Most people won't mind if you link back with a thank you for commenting on one of your posts or if you have a special announcement, but I've received many comments which are basically "blog spammers" who go through and leave hundreds of comments every day on random blogs to get traffic to certain websites. For your blog, if you are unfamiliar with the commenter and they leave a link, it's a good idea to check that link out first. Then you can decide if you want to post the comment or delete it. When I first started my blog I received a comment with a link to an unsavory website and so I deleted it. Just something to be aware of.

Once again, I'd like to thank Cindy for her help and hope this answered some of your questions too!

Happy Blogging!

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