Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Social Kindergartners and Kittens

Today I just had to share one of those moments where I'm thankful to have a kindergartner!
We love cats around our house and are lucky enough to have four adorable baby kittens right now.
I took all four of them to my five year old's class for baby animal week. If you've ever been around kindergartners, you know they're a social bunch. They are always talk, talk, talking about anything and everything at once.
Ever heard of going off on a tangent? I think Kindergartners invented this social mishap of conversation.
Let me give you an example.

When I took the kittens to show the class, Gracie's teacher had all the kids gather in a circle on the carpet. As they passed the kittens around, several students were excited to share their thoughts and so the teacher called on a few to speak.

First little girl: We had a cat named Pumpkin and it died and so now we have a new cat named Mrs. Kitty.

Teacher: Oh, that's nice.

Second little girl: We have a dog.

Third little girl: One night, in the night, I threw up.

Teacher and I are now laughing.

Then I hear a little boy telling his friend, "We had a cat and she was pregnant and she got ran over by a semi."
The other boy says, "Oh."

And this is how kindergarten conversation happens--anything goes--and it's interesting that the kids mostly take stuff at face value and just say, "Oh."
Whereas adults would be like "Oh dear," or "Gross!" or "My goodness that's terrible!"

Yet another thing we can learn from kindergartners: Life isn't always as serious as we make it out to be.

I hope you have fun with your life today and if you're feeling down in the dumps, take advantage of one of the best forms of socializing--go say hello to a child. Let them run with the conversation. I'm sure within minutes you'll be laughing and they'll be talking and asking questions about anything from "Can giraffes do someraults?" to "Where do blueberries go after I eat them?"

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