Monday, May 18, 2009

The EZ View Craft Desk

I wanted to share with you an amazing new line of furniture for people who love to craft, sew, quilt, scrapbook, etc. You can see all the fabulous products at The Original

I entered a contest, "The Cutest Craft Giveaway" at their website and I'd be so thrilled to win an EZ View Craft Desk--yep this is the prize! So I'm doing a little shameless promotion because I wanna win!!! This furniture is high-end, meaning it looks beautiful, it's sturdy and built to last. Have you ever pawed through a drawer trying to find something, like that pair of scissors, craft brads and eyelets, thimbles, markers, etc.?

I have done this too many times to count with my sewing drawer and I'm thinking how cool would this be to see right where everything is, pull out the drawer which slides along ultra-smooth tracks and grab what I need in a second.

This is what the EZ View Craft Desk is about---organizing your crafts and tools so you can use them with ease and happiness, instead of digging through a drawer with gritted teeth trying to find what you need. Can you tell I've done this before?
The clear top is just one perk of this ultra-awesome desk. Do you see the cabinet above? It is lined with black material so handy velcro storage bags can be attached. The side of the desk holds 8 different storage drawers, which can be labeled for your storage needs.

Like I said, I'd love to win this desk, so please click on this link and vote for me, contestant #319. My darling little girl Maggie is holding 2 cute cards that I made and sitting on a quilt I made for my girls' bed.

You can vote once every day until May 28th and if I win I will share with you one of my favorite card-making recipes on this blog. So go check out The Original Scrapbox and vote for #319 today! Thanks in advance for voting!

Stay tuned for more details and giveaways from this fabulous new company on my blog!


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