Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm Wishing for a Scrapbox--How about the Minibox?

I have been having so much fun drooling over every item at The Original Scrapbox and so I wanted to share another item. The contest is winding up tomorrow and I wanted to feature one more totally, cool, creative item and remind you to vote for #319, just click here and it only takes 3 seconds to vote!! Thanks to everyone for their votes and for stopping by my blog to say Hi!

Doesn't this make you want to get that pretty paper out and start scrapping? I love making cards and there are so many different doo-hickeys I need to store: eyelets, ribbon, brads, buttons, scissors, stamps, ink pads, and the list goes on and on and on.

The Mini Box™ is every crafter’s dream - in a smaller package! It’s a workspace and a storage solution that looks like a beautiful, high-end piece of furniture. There are drawers, nooks and spaces for all of your stuff!

On wheels, The Mini Box is fully transportable. It folds up into a handsome box, hiding all of your supplies from sight. This system comes with a work table and adjustable shelves.

I totally thought this was just a beautiful cabinet with a great counter when I saw it in real life! I would've never guessed that inside was the fold-out storage system for every crafter's dream! Here's some dimensions:

(2) 6"width x 12"length x 12"high
(14) 12.25"width x 12.25"length x 3"high
(4) 12.25"width x 12.25"length x 5.5"high
(12) 3"width x 12"length x 3"high
(8) 5.5"width x 12"length x 4.5"high
Total: 40

Included Clear Zipper Pouch Sizes:

(2) 13" x 6" Medium
(8) 6" x 6" Small
Total: 10

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of The Minibox. I'd love to hear your ideas about crafting. What's your interest?

*Just a reminder to stay tuned for an incredible giveaway and lots of fun stuff this summer!


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