Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome to Crafter's Heaven at The Original Scrapbox

Holy Cow! Have I found the ultimate dream gift for the crafter in your life, or what?
Do you love to scrapbook, stamp, quilt, and create? Then I think you'll love the Workbox from The Original Scrapbox.Yes, this is a picture of the Workbox, and you have to go to their website to see the coolest video on how it works. The whole thing folds up, hides the mess, and then easily moves wherever you need it to go on wheels. This is a sturdy piece of furniture which will hold everything imaginable in a beautiful storage space.

I entered a contest for the "Cutest Craft Giveaway" and I'd love your votes. Just click on this link and then vote on CONTESTANT #319 --the one with the darling little girl holding 2 cute cards, sitting in front of the adorable quilt--yes, I made them all! :)

You can vote once a day until May 28th when they announce the winner. Please vote for me, #319 and enjoy Crafter's Heaven at The Original
The Workbox is on my wish list! Check out The Original to see all of the fabulous products available to organize your craft room and start making your wish list.


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